D’institute dental clinic is a dream come true; a medical edge concept, a place where patients come smiling and feel like home. D’institute is a welcoming digital dentistry space, humanized by a tailor made star team. D`institute is about us the people behind the concept. We are guided by two main principles that best frame our conceptual identity: “go Digital” and “One Session Dentistry”. Our clinic is equipped with the latest tech. The integrated digital dental laboratory runs state-of-the-art equipment. 3D imaging equipment is the best performer of everything available on the market.

We love digital dental technology and we always try to integrate the best technologies, from intra-oral scanners to 3D dental printers. All these devices shorten our working hours and bring ultra-precision to our daily work. This way you will benefit from better performing dental treatments completed much faster (up to one day / session), compared to the ones done by the classical techniques. So, we are a big family! We spend a lot of time in the clinic. We brought together for you a professional, welcoming and friendly team. Now you can always return with that big “D`institute smile” of your face. We work interdisciplinary  in most cases, in order to always identify the best treatment possibilities.

The team


Dr. Cătălin Dimir

General Dentist

Dr Rovana Socolov, Dinstitute

Dr. Rovana Socolov

General dentist

Dr. Ioan Mihut, medic dentist @ clinica dentara Dinstitute

Dr. Ioan Mihuț

General Dentist

Dr Alexandra Greceniuc, medic dentist @ Dinstitute

Dr. Alexandra Greceniuc

General Dentist

Dr Claudiu Pop @ Dinstitute

Dr. Claudiu Pop

General Dentist


Ramona Mărginean


Andreea Racolta, front desk manager @ Dinstitute

Andreea Racoltă

Front Desk Manager

Ozana Rus, manager general @ Dinstitute

Ozana Rus

General Manager

Parjol Denisa, asistent medical @ Dinstitute

Pârjol Denisa

Dental Nurse

Bianca David, asistent medical @ Dinstitute

Bianca David

Dental Nurse

Gianina Elciu, asistent medical @ Dinstitute

Gianina Elciu

Dental Nurse

Alina Iclezan, asistent medical @ Dinstitute clinica stomatologica

Alina Iclezan

Dental Nurse

Alina Iclezan, asistent medical @ Dinstitute

Nicoleta Nicoară

Dental Nurse


Carolina Manases

Dental Hygienist

tehnician dentar Andrada Iacob @ Dinstitute

Andrada Iacob

Dental Technician


Ciprian Băican

Dental Technician

Roxana Radu, tehnician dentar @ clinica stomatologica Dinstitute Cluj

Roxana Radu

Dental Technician

Dan Heredea, dental technician @ Dinstitute

Roxana Radu

Dental Technician