Welcome to D’Institute dental clinic!

We developed our concept dental clinic with passion for dentistry, in order to offer the next level dental experience to our patients. Together we try to change the perception about oral health and develop a place where patients should always come with a “D’Institute smile” on their faces.


Why to choose us?

From the friendly vibes to latest dentistry tech and D`Institute team players, we offer a lot of reasons to visit and become a loyal patient.

the most patient friendly dental clinic in Cluj

A space designed for patient comfort.

same-day dentistry

With CAD / CAM, your new tooth is ready in 8 minutes.

edge dental radiology

cutting-edge 3D dental radiology

Carl Zeiss microscopes

Endodontics: safety in tooth channel treatments.

dental implants with surgical guide

Optimal mechanics, precision and speed.

Digital dentistry: last generation intra-oral scanner

Customized solutions for maximum precision.

Dental treatments

We are convinced that the future in dentistry is all about digital tech, which is why we are constantly investing in edge technology. We offer high precision treatments, with an extended life span compared to classical dentistry. D`Institute dental clinic, out of passion for dentistry. #digital dentistry #dental clinic Cluj #dental implants #dental veneers #dental whitening #dental braces #prevention #ultrasound detection #dental prostheses @D’Institute dental clinic.

  • dental esthetics

  • dental prostheses

  • dental digital lab

  • tooth-alveolar surgery

  • dental laser therapies

  • orthodontics

  • prevention

  • dental whitening

  • implantology

  • microscope endodontics

  • periodontology

  • periodontal treatments

  • 3D dental radilogy

  • Invisalign dental appliances


Patient Testimonials

I want to thank you for all your efforts and for everything you have done for me, I have no words! Thanks for your patience and professionalism, I will always come back with love! You are a wonderful team and I will always recommend you!

Georgiana Ploscar
The experience at the clinic was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. I really liked the fact that Mr. Dr. Dimir was very available to all my questions and gave me very detailed answers to help me make the best decision. I was also fascinated by the latest equipment in the cabinet. I would highly recommend this clinic. Thanks a lot to the team for the gorgeous smile. I can’t stop smiling 🙂
Raluca Iliesiu
Here, I got to have a smile again to my ears! So naturally, in such a relaxed and professional environment, I received one of the most beautiful gifts … Perfect smile! I recommend with warmth to everyone! Not only did I get rid of the deep fears I had towards the dentist, but I got to love both the office and the people in it! Big up to all of you! You guys rock!
Paul Muresan

I arrived at the new clinic (20 parking places in Cluj !!!) of Cata and Rovana after I left without half a tooth in front. In just a few minutes the problem was solved. Wonderful place with wonderful people that I recommend with warmth.

Alexandru Muresan

My new favourite in town is D’Institute Cluj! I recommend it to everyone! Do not go anywhere else but here! There are are highly trained group with an extraordinary energy, modern/latest technology, an awesome office place (you don’t feel like at a dentist office) and always a great mood. Their work is impeccable and you will walk out very happy! Choose D’Institute.

Clara Akh

D`Institute dental clinic services: dental implants (implantology), dental whitening (dental aesthetics), orthodontics / Invisalign (orthodontics), ultrasound descaling / air flow (dental prophylaxis), dental prostheses (dental prosthetics), ceramic crowns / dental veneers (digital dental laboratory), surgical treatments (dental-alveolar surgery), laser therapies, canal treatments (endodontics), periodontal treatments (periodontology), dental RX (dental radiology). @ D`Institute dental clinic.